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Hydeist Mine Community

。。。ジェーロク 毎日!。。。

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This site is all about the love for Jmusic Jrock,Jpop,Jhip-hop + much more. Of corse I have to dedicate the layout to Hyde-kun, as well as the name of the community (ハイド ラブ!!). Another Jrock fan journal to add to the list ^__^. I am interested in all things Jrock (or Japanese music for that matter). Talks about anything and everything are allowed as long as has to do with Jrock artists/Lyrics/mp3's/PV's and images. This is a sharing community for people who, like me, are a little behind on Jrock media. Requests are wellcome, and sharing is LOVED ^__^. I will do my best to find things, and hope that all who look in on the community enjoy themselves.

Well..all are welcome so....


Things to know

1-Downloading is allowed as long as you leave a post when you are done *it's just kind to do so*
2-Uploading is welcome but not manditory...but it helps if you share as well ^_^
3-日本語 writing is appreciated, as I am learning the language.
4-Requests are accepted, as long as the user understands that YSI hates me and is paitient for their uploads.

I take requests from my playlist at hydeistmine. Just leave a post on my LiveJornal at missgoku or just join this community and leave a post and I will get back to you with a message and the upload, if I can ^_^